Sunday, 9 November 2008

Flamant & Flamant dining

If you guys liked the interior of the Charles Rogier B&B, you will also like the style of Flamant.
Been in Antwerp for so many years and after a move re-located at the Lange Gasthuisstraat next to the Mini-store...
The move brought some additional space and added a new experience to the Flamant feeling.
Flamant Dining...

Hubby and me are in search of an extra reading chair and we had some usefull advice given by a handsome interior-decorator.
I'll leave you with some pictures so you can see what kind of style Flamant represents...
There's also a store at the Belgian coast, Knokke and this store is located in a cute sea-side house...
Will try to post some pictures of that later as we are going to the seaside by the end of the day...


twentysomethinggirl said...

I was in Antwerp a couple of times last year. There was a cafe that I fell in love with sort of opposite the Art Gallery. I think called Chez Joel?! In general, a city not mnay people hear about, but a real gem! x

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