Saturday, 8 November 2008

Charles Rogier - Antwerp private guesthouse

Charles Rogier XI is situated in the most lively part of Antwerp: Antwerp South, where fashion, arts and gastronomy give a new meaning to the term ‘Savoir Vivre’. Claude de Burie, this guesthouse’s founding father, decorated this place in his own amazing way.

Come and rediscover what peace, beauty and old fashioned sociability means, while relaxing in a canopy bed with (too) many cushions...
The delicate sheets have a delightful fragrance and a Belgian chocolate before going to sleep is at hand. That’s a promise.

Mornings are our speciality... A copious organic breakfast with fresh juice, rolls, cheeses and jams is served in ‘le petit salon’ at the first floor!

I invite you to enjoy my vision of how the world can be more beautiful.


Vanna said...

Wow, this place looks so luxuriously romantic. I imagine myself going through each room and looking at all the old, interesting things up close, and getting lost in absorbing the beauty that surrounds me.

Jen (MahaloFashion) said...

I love the molding in the first picture, so beautiful.