Sunday, 26 October 2008

What to wear on a Saturday night out

After I closed up (work) I did a bit of window shopping (I never ever buy anything on a Saturday, too busy, too many people that distract you) and it's alway nice to see a wonderful window display like the one I saw at 'Louis' today. Louis is known for it's lovely brands like Margiela and they've put a special edition of the Brilliant of Delvaux in their window.
A 'Brilliant' is a handbag that was specially designed in 1958 for the World's Expo and has been their most succesful number since.
Because of it's 50th birthday, Delvaux has asked some designers to make a special and limited edition of this handbag...
The 'ceci n'est pas un Delvaux' is my favourite ...


Vanna said...

Wow, those bags are really interesting. They're a totally classic, lady-like shape, but with strangely juxtaposed details. I'd never expect metal studs on such a feminine-chic bag.

Also, I totally agree with you about shopping on Saturday's. It's always super crowded and I do find it extremely distracting as well. I usually like weekdays, in the early afternoon.

pablo said...

hey thanks for commenting on my blog
i was once to antwerp
but it was a sunday and there was a national day close
so everything was close :(
it was still beautiful

Yaya said...

Lovely bags. I love the classic look.

I got really excited when I thought I had spotted a Bakelite bag in a charity shop yesterday, turned out to be a fake on closer inspection!

Dominica said...

fakes are such a turn-off aren't they ?

I once saw an original 1958 Brilliant in a second hand shop - it needed to be restored and I therefore doubted on taking it home with me - off course, I went back one day later and gone was the birdie !!
(cry baby)