Sunday, 26 October 2008

What to wear on a Saturday night out - part 2

coat: Valentino RED
sweater : Laundry Industry
pants : Zara
shoes : New Look
clutch : my secret but if you ask me nicely I'll let you into it ...:-)
camelia brooch : Chanel


Vanna said...

Wow, you look absolutely beautiful. What a refreshing smile. Love the shoes and the patent blue clutch.

Dominica said...

thank you Vanna, you make me blush ...:-D

HEK said...

Really like your sophistcated, black look! And you are so pretty too:)

Dominica said...

to Hek :

thank you - you are too kind !
I used to be a really colourful dresser but now I'm in a more basic 'moment' ..