Tuesday, 7 October 2008

Cry baby

Once a week, I try to go to Neuhaus, a Belgian chocolat house, near my shop were this lovely lady - always polite and smiling - is helping to make my chocolat addiction, even worse ;-)
Now, I don't blame her, les excuses sont fait pour s'en servir, cause I'm always using the same excuse and that is that I'm just buying only 100g of chocolat just to end this addiction.
Only one more just to learn to live without them damn chocolats. Not.
And even worse, when something new, like for example a couple of weeks ago, "des callisons" came in, she puts one in my mouth before I can even say NO !
And they're soooo good !
A more finer version of marzipan, absolutely delicious !

1 comment:

Alessandra said...

Hi Dominica! I am actually crying just staring at these delicious creations...mouth watering and thinking that I might have to move to Antwerp with the excuse that my addiction to chocolate made me do it...hahaha

Loving your blog even more now that I know you are a chocolate addict like me. ;-)