Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Oh ! Those shoes (again) !

If there's a label that makes me irrational, weak and spend money on shoes it must be MIU MIU.
EVERY 'bl**dy' season they present THE most amazing shoes.
I've checked their updated website today. Very nice collection. The fact they used a 14 year old model makes me quiver and not because I'm excited ! She's beautiful and lovely and all, but she's is NOT a women (yet)... Still, I'm drifting, this 1 picture made me clap my hands really fast. Look at those shoes !! Aren't they just amazing ? I can see myself clatter around my house in them !


Ale said...

I agree with you with the model choice. She barely got potty trained and she is posing for Miu Miu?! Come on!

I can't see myself wearing shoes like that because I am not stylish...but you on the other hand...I can only imagine you rocking it! Are you buying them? I wonder how much they cost...probably around 400 euros, right?


Dominica said...

@Ale No idea. I can check the shoestore out here in Antwerp ; shame they only hire grumpy assistants LOL
My guess is they won't even have it in this colour ; it also exsists in a black version. Wanna bet they play it safe ? I'll keep you guys updated !

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lol..It doesn't matter.

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diane said...

Those shoes are beautiful. Doesn't matter who models them.
When I see an item that interests me, I try to imagine someone of any age, from 15 to 90, wearing it. If it looks good at any age, it's for me.

Nanna K said...

i agree with the model choice, i think its the best. ps, i love your blog. do you want to follow each other?

vogue-sky said...

stunning,love it,love it…the fashion is just so awesome,love the images…love your blog xo