Monday, 28 March 2011


my 3 fave it-and fashion girls : Sienna, Garance & Olivia ...

I like shoes. I'm not a shoe addict but I like my shoes to make a statement. I usually wear a lot of black, grey and nightblue so my shoes don't need to be demure. They have to clash !! I found some great shoes the other day at Marcoz*. They have a small selection but a GREAT choice. You just need to be quick if you really like that special pair. That makes me happy. Not to see the same pair on every corner.
Today I found some brogues** at their shop (again). The people are superfriendly and very helpful. What can't be said about that other shop at the Schuttershofstraat. I guess they just hire rude people with a smug face.
But I'm drifting : go and check their shop out ! With my compliments.

* 4,5 inch killers heels in hot green (twitter followers of my account must have seen them already)
** check my current header for these nude beauties

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diane said...

I've been seeing a lot of brogues lately with everything from mini skirts to maxi dresses and everything in between. What a great buy!
That's a great shot of Garance, very natural.