Thursday, 27 January 2011

Creativity never stops

Always fun to receive something unexpected on your doorstep. Not the usual stuff like bills and commercial crap but a genuine present.
The little bag contained such a lovely package ; almost too beautiful to open.
Stylist Henny made this on her hospital (!!) bed yesterday ; creativity never stops.
I do understand the woman. She likes me and I like to make stuff for her too. Sometimes an opportunity comes along and this morning she called me up to ask me to help her for a project for an interior and lifestyle magazine. It will be the May issue. It will have to be something with birds.
I'm working on it as we speak ! Once the mag comes out, I'll share my happy moment with you guys.

A sugar bear ; sweet but too sugary to eat (at once) ..

This is Henny's sous-terre (basement) vitrine ; she's a decorator and stylist and likes to share anything beautiful with the rest of us.

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Flower said...

hello! i just found youre blog and have started following ti! i love the header picture.