Thursday, 23 December 2010

The year 2010 in pictures

Working for my shop - making choices and selections ...

Me in London. First time. Great expectations. Didn't do anything for me.

My 40th birthday. Renewing friendships. Old schoolfriends.
We are still in touch. Had great fun over these last few months.
Even had my own partycrasher.

At work. You can see Spring in my eyes. Easter fun too.

APR. 30th
India is officially a teenager. And don't I know it !
Great party.

MAY 1st.
Same date, every year, same shit ; always fun.

JUNE. 'Sinksenfoor' - fairground attractions. The merry go round is the only thing that does not
make me puke.

JULY. Pat's birthday. Come as angel or demon.
Guess what. I'm an angel, deep down.

AUGUST. Italy. Food. Love.

Last days of Summer.
Is this a good sign ?

September. Weather still brilliant. Havin' a freshly made mojito.

Hubby in Tokyo. Me at home, Antwerp.
Kawaii and he brought home lots of it !

Change of haircolour. Going back to my roots, yeah !
Blondes have more fun, innit ?

OCT. Creative soul. Worked very hard.
Too hard. I'm not 20 anymore. But the results are always smashing.
Means you have more insight than 20 years ago.

Friends again. Night out. Partycrasher's still here. Inside joke.

Snow. Lots of it. Fed up. But snow gives great opportunities for pics.
Happy New Year !


Vic said...

Love your pictures! I want to come hang out with you now (well, I guess I always did...)

Merry Christmas!

diane said...

I agree with Vic wholeheartedly, the pictures are all great. The last one is brilliant!!
Merry Christmas Domi! xo d

Adriana said...

I'm so glad that you begin posting more frequently again,cause I love your blog.
Happy holidays, Dominica !and a great year to you and those you love.