Monday, 22 November 2010

This is why I love Winter more than heatwaves

Fact : I really like Fall and Winter.
It makes my dresschoices easier as I'm a scarfaddict, love love love wintercoats.
I totally get high on a crisp and cold morning ; it saves us women on blusher, makes you walk a bit faster so you've got yourself a little excercise surplus !
Doesn't your coffee taste better in November ? I know mine does !
Doesn't everything look more beautiful ? It's like we all have to replace the natural beauty of Summer by artificial, over-the-top extra's ...
Look at the packaging on your regular beerflask ; somehow someone decided to add a bit of Christmas to it. Little extra's are available and I crave panettone every single day from November till January. Lights are hung in our streets ; heaters to protect people that smirt outside when it's like -2°C.
I'm pretty veggie during Spring and Summer ; heat and meat don't combine well in my body but hey, I make up and stock my body with extra iron once November starts.
What's your fave thing during these 2 last months of the year ? Or do you really hate Winter and feel a bit depressed ?

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diane said...

Domi, your description of cold weather could turn anyone into a convert. :) I'm all for the natural blush, but not too sure about picking up my step.
We're preparing for Thanksgiving on Thursday, so my favorite thing right now is family (and food). I guess that's not much different than usual.
It seems that the harder times are, the more Christmas lights that go up. It's really pretty, and I love that too. Have a strong demitasse for me. kiss, kiss, xo d