Thursday, 23 September 2010

Bitter Sweet café (Bitter Zoet)

One of my fav places to enjoy breakfast or just a latté !
Still brill weather outside so I might just enjoy my coffee outside ... and enjoy the company of Lisa, the owner of Bitter Zoet ...
These kinda places always attract creative or arty people, just like this morning.
The 2 guys seen in the pictures are creators of a (new) character they'd like to become a household name to newspapers like De Standaard or De Morgen ... They draw and invent adventures for a short comic rready to be launched soon !
They gave good face too, as seen in the pics ! Thanks for posing for me guys !


diane said...

The town where I first met Cute Hubby has a few little cafes like that one. You are making me want to go back there for a visit.

fai said...

nice place, wanna going there, hehehehehe..pick up me please

fai said...

haiiii, absolutly i use twitter. i just following you few minute ago. my twitter is @passompe