Tuesday, 6 April 2010

Spring is really in the air

When people start to sit on the steps of the museum just across my house means the climat is changing ! First real of Spring ! Yay !
We also enjoy our annual Easter Holiday and boy, did we love the weather today !
Went to the playground near our home, as you can see ; only but smiling faces !


Sarah Lou xx said...

Seb is so cute!! Glad you both are having fun :-) xxx

Vic said...

I love these pictures! They make me want to go to the playground. Maybe after work... :)

Mcmaris said...

Cute pix. I am so happy the warmer season is beginning. I already have Spring fever!!!

Dominica said...

until now, a very relaxing week, we needed it !

this weather is a very inviting period to do stuff outside

poor you, hay fever can be annoying ; I got it after my daughter was born and lost it again after Sebastian's birth ...