Thursday, 15 April 2010

NO !

Are you guys having as much trouble as I am in saying NO to people ?
Do you come across people that are suffering from a bad case of high self-esteem ?
I know I do.
I'm like a magnet to them...
I've decided to change something about that.
I don't want to be controlled by them ; I'm friggin' 40 for crying out loud, not a spotty just out of her diapers teenager. Don't you start talking in your condescending voice at me ...
(pointing my finger in your direction)....
Now, let's do a little test ; are you always out in giving 'good advice' and are you stunned if your advice isn't gratefully received ?
Do you think you are still single cause people feel threatened by your fabulous beauty/wisdom/succesful career/independence ?
Are you outraged by any criticism ? Do you get annoyed when your partner doesn't put your needs first ? Are you out to kill your boss when he passes you over on a promotion ? What kind of words do your friends use when they describe you ?
well ?
If nothing of the above relates to you, we still can be friends :-)
No seriously, did you guys ever come across this 1 (and hopefully the 1) person that makes you wanna run the moment you see them heading your way ?
Juicy stores can left here, even anonymously !


Dedene said...

I try to stay away from needy people, but sometimes it's hard to avoid them.
Have you ever spent the entire afternoon just listening to someone talk about themselves. Fun, isn't it?

Dominica said...


fabulous (not) !! That new profile picture of you is SO MUCH better !! You look so happy ? Bet the UK trip turned out really well ?

hil said...

I am in total agreement. I am tired of giving (when it's not appreciated), being used and putting up with rude people. Some asshole cut in line in front of me at Starbucks and got mad because SHE bumped into my son's stroller. Screw you lady. No more.