Sunday, 7 March 2010

Rotterdam ; visit to BONBONonTHEblock

These bars are '100% slavefree' ; a VERY good excuse to eat chocolat, right ?
Right ?

Are you thinking what I'm thinking ? Do I have a dirty mind ??

How beautiful are those lampposts ?
Notice the bird on the glassframe ...

Hubby and me been to Rotterdam (NL) today...just a 1 hour tops drive from Antwerp.
I promised the girls from Miss BonBon agency, Marieke and Lenny to pay a visit to their shop, next to their showroom.
It's a conceptstore for kids with lovely labels such as Mini Rodini, Munster kids, Holly's, Vans, No Added Sugar, Bobo choses and many more...
As you know by now, I can't resist anything kawaii (= cute) and if the package is cute too, I'm lost.
So if you're in Holland and near Rotterdam, take a look at their store ... it's too cute not to like it.


diane said...

Hahaha, oh yeah, I was TOTALLY thinking that.

Thanks for your sweet comment today, and the magazine link. xo d

Belinda said...

oh yes, i looooove tony!

Anonymous said...

Leuk dat je geweest bent & bedankt voor het leuke stukje!! grt Marieke

Dominica said...

ly pleasure Diane

Oh his name is Tony !!

@Anon = Lenny
Graag gedaan !!

NoeKs blogt... said...

LOL, I know the statue, It is dirty one ;)

Dominica said...

haha ... I know, ad I was looking at it from different angles and I'm like OMG, this is a b***plug right ?

Sarah Lou xx said...

great post :-)
yes i was also thinking what you were thinking.. great minds think alike haha xx
That store looks amazing.. so cute! xxx

PrincessImp. said...

Chocolate itself is a good reason to have chocolate... that statue does have a big dong... I'm referring to the bell in his hand of course! ;)