Sunday, 13 December 2009

We did it !

1 week behind schedule - but, we managed to set the tree up in 1,5 h and after our mandatory numbers and visits we hung up all ornaments, lights and frills ..
I didn't look forward in spending my Sunday settin' up that tree but once the result is visible, I feel very happy and I must say, it's ever so cosy now !
Did also post some extra pics down under....because I know my Iranian friend Pamak follows my blog (well, he only looks at the pics *rolls eyes towards the seeling as she speaks*

I know, these pics are a bit blurry, but still .. wanna share them with you guys ... (the fuzziness could be caused by some lightheaded tipsy feeling of my part ;-)


Keith said...

Wow. That looks great. Glad you got yours up. It took me until this weekend to get my tree up. I usually put it up Thanksgiving weekend. Cheers!

diane said...

Your place looks like something in a magazine. I wish I could come and visit you, and we could drink cocoa by your tree. We have similar coffee tables, btw. Mine, however, is tucked into a corner BEHIND the sofa, so Babyzilla doesn't crack her head on it.
Happy Holidays. xo

Anonymous said...


Trooper Thorn said...

How very European: understated and tidy. Not like a North American tree with decorations spilling onto every other surface of the living room.

Anonymous said...

@Trooper T.
haha, we Belgians are very demure ... we don't want to wake up any neighbours with too many lights or light pollution ....:-)

you must one day, come visit and have some hot fresh ginger tea, perfect for cold days/nights ...

We need to wait for Sinterklaas for the kids, after that, tree is up !