Wednesday, 4 November 2009

Fall (in my head)

I just checked a few of my fellow blogsfriends posts and I really must say I'm so happy I 'know' you guys !
Yesterday I was talking to JFK Jean via Twitter about me clearing my head and even though convo was short, it was a huge relief to know people want to listen.
I posted a message on my Facebook page ; recapitulated it said I needed some space...
Not that I never want to open my eyes again but the past year meant grief, troubles and death for so many of my friends and acquaintances I was puttin' myself aside in helping everyone out that I forgot to take care of me.
This weekend it became clear my body was ringing the alarm bell.
My mind and mental health are screaming for clarity.
I REALLY need some space, shallowness and good vibes.
I'm not selfish but I'm afraid I won't be able to be a comforter and a shoulder to cry on if I'm not taking this space here.
I wan't to be able to be a good person, someone that actually is doing something when people are in distress and need.
But I don't have a plug to upload myself every night...I'm afraid, I'm only human.
So I keep it light and Twitter and read your fabulous stories and me, I'm concentrating on my project.
Friday will be a final stop ; it's the funeral of somebody that was very brave.
That's the last thing I will do before I require some space.
"Ik ga er even tussenuit" what means something like I'm going on a break (a mental one)...
just to re-boot...SO keep posting those wonderful interesting, funny and hilarious blogs of yours, God knows how I need them now ! Distract me with all your convolutions of what's on your mind and what you like to share with the world !!
Meanwhile I wanna share these pics of the square in front of my house ; aren't those trees and leafs at their best ?
I love these colours, even more when the sun is playing with them...


vermiljoen said...

Er staan voor anderen is een enorme slopende kracht. Neem zeker je tijd nu om terug op te laden. Sterkte!

Dominica said...

dank je wel ... leuk dat je het begrijpt. Het is inderdaad alsof iedereen alles uit je leegzuigt en je jezelf ziet liggen op de vloer als een kapotte zwemband.

diane said...

I've been going through a "space" thing, so I completely understand. We also lost a brave old friend this past week, small world. I was needing space way before that though. But this isn't about me, it's about you. I think you should do what ever you need to feel better. Posting up photos of beautiful trees in autumn is a good start. :)

Anonymous said...

Dominica, I sure hope you find the peace that you need right now. So sorry about the losses you've had this year.

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