Thursday, 10 September 2009

beauty TOP 5 products (and I even share them with you)

A couple of blogs ago, Diane shared some of her beauty secrets with us.
After reading hers and discovering some old & new good products lately I decided to share my personal TOP 5 beauty products with you guys.
I would also like to tag a lady-blogger, Dedene, cause I am very curious what French secrets she can share with the lot of us and maybe to give her some extra followers too !
Discover this really lovely lady and her French way of living ...(and her beauty top 5 too)....

So, here's my TOP 5 of real good stuff :
1. my latest discovery after I fell for that wonderful limited edition bottle ! Instead of using a traditional cleansing milk, Shue Uemura has this oil cleanser in several editions, from very dry to greasy and normal skin. It's light and smells wonderful and makes your beauty stand look ever so glamorous ! Disadvantage : 75$ instead of 35$ for the simple bottle and don't you leave it next to the sink ; housekeepers and husbands assume it's handsoap and may use it richly ! (It's already too late when they feel it is no soap at all !!)

2. after reading so many times this is a wonderful product (by many celebrities) I couldn't resist any longer. The price tag was really ok and the 'crème' is to be used in the evening, leaving your face very greasy. Not to be used when foreplay and sex is to be expected or maybe you can use it instead of the 'not tonight honey, got me a migraine' ... if men see that grease on your face, their libido will soon fall over like the tower of Pisa.

A product to bring along on your ski holidays too ! It's currently sold in a retro package and quite small and handy !

3. la Roche Posay has the most wonderful colours in their lipgloss range. Overheard from a telly-face this week, whenever a stand-up or, in our not-so-famous-case, an unexpected picture is to be made and you left the house without make up, apply some soft lipgloss or lipstick and you'll look like a million dollars !

4. Queen Lash by Helena Rubinstein is the best mascara I've ever had. Already had my 3rd purchase, after using the brown and grey ones. Currently using the black, wich brings out blue eyes to the fullest. Best brush on a mascara I've ever used. From this season on, also available in a waterproof version. Get your eyes Demi Moore-ified !!

5. My long term relationship with T-zone by Lancôme says it all. For over 10 years this has to be my faitful handbag companion. A compact tube, handy in smaller handbags and the best touch-up product on a night out. Oily and greasy skin look smooth and smell nice after applying it. Disadvantage : runs out quickly and discovered after cutting open a tube, there still was loads to be found in it ! 
The cutted version stays at home and is used to the bottom !
Avoid when you have very dry skin !


Anonymous said...

You use wonderful products! And so many of them are French.
Thanks for tagging me. I'm not sure how many "secrets" I have, but I'll try to think of something.

Thanks as well for the nice commments.

diane said...

These are items that would make any girl feel like a beauty queen. What wonderful choices!
I'm going to check out your friend's site now. xo d

Dutch donut girl said...

Oh, I want the la Roche Posay lipgloss!!!

I love this post :)