Friday, 31 July 2009

Last minute stress caused by others and I'd like to kill him !

Can you believe some people ??
I so hate namedropping/attention seeking personalities...OK, before you even start on me...I'm an attention seeker too - even on a weekly or daily basis - but I'm not the type to ruin someone's holiday even before he/she is on that plane !
This morning after hubby and I read our newspaper and listened to the morning news, we went down to have some coffee (black for him) and breakfast (eggs, OJ, bread still warm and a variety of cheese and fine meats, cappuccino for me), hubby took his cranberry out of his pocket and said in a very serious way, I have some BAD news !!
OMG, my stomach shrunk in a second, my heart started beating in my throat and I became even paler then I already was...
A guy who works for hubby, let's call him Mr Lake, announced by email he had to stay home cause there might be a chance of him having the swine flu !!!
(now in that Achmed, the dead terrorist voice) : I kill you !!
Just this morning the news was announced a 34 year old healthy woman, died of the swine flu here in Belgium.
Shock and horror cause it seems like, when you are young (under 40 and I'm still under 40, I really am !) you're immune system seems to be getting to work harder once the virus has hit you... Older people (people from the 1930ies, 40-ies and 50-ies) have something in their system that KO's the virus faster.
The message of Mr Lake also suggested everybody who'd been near him these last couple of days, should go to a pharmacy and ask for 'Tamiflu'...
Now, in Belgium, you just don't get any pill like that and I called our local pharmacy to check if we needed any prescription. What do you think ? Of course we needed some !
...( hate the Lake guy even more at this point) ... and I said to hubby in a rage how the hell we should have the time to go the doctor's with not a single suitcase packed yet and we still need to do some last minute errands. 
My brother in law needs stuff while he's housesitting for us and I don't want the poor bast*rd to have empty cupboards (or only filled with puffed potato crips) ; also will he need a room stashed with kitty cat goodies, foods etc. ... to pamper our 2 cats while we are gone.
When I came to think about it, if I was to die on holiday I could already see the obituary in my mind...Dominica born in Lier, Antwerp, Belgium - Died Capri, Italy ...sounds intriging no ?
I immediately thought about a book I once read by Connie Palmen, called Lucifer, that was based on the true story of Marina Schapers, a Dutch actress who died in Greece. In the book she fell off  a cliff...
No wouldn't it be so much more 'drama' to hear someone fell off a cliff instead of 'she died of Miss Piggy flu ...??'
So back to the cheesed*ck who gave us some extra stress.
Hubby tried then to call our doctor who lives on the left bank to see if we could have a last minute appointment.
Now, this doctor's last name is Claus..(I'm not kiddin') and I could almost drag him through the phone and give him a big smoochy cause he was Santa Claus for a moment to me.
Keep it cool he said. If I had to take those pills everytime I came in contact with a sneezer or nose-drippin' patient...I would have to take Tamiflu every day, twice !
So no worries, you would have had the symptoms by now cause it's like +48 hours since you had contact with the guy.

Thanks Doc ! For not taking advantage of a woman with some panic attacks and great nervousness since she's going to fly (and puke) pretty soon !
My BFF stashed me with some Xanax, Movicol (do put in a stinky plane neighbour's drink who needs too much space ; he will be on the toilet the entire flight !! Extra space for me ! Yay !!)
Chocolate-nuts comfort binge eating cookies to eat away any stress that might occur before/during/after the flight (then comes the boat).
I'll let you guys in on any Xanax story as I am a Xanax virgin.
So forgive me if the first handwritten postcard will be drousy or full of crap.
So still 1 day left to mail me your shipping/post address to get that exclusive Capri card !**

For those who don't Twitter but still like to see any picture of the Isle, click on the Twitter-link in the sidebar of my blog.
Receivers of handwritten cards promised me to post about them on their blog ! You are diamonds to me (mwuuuuaaaaah)

**mail to : (before Saturday night CET)


diane said...

You must have felt a wreck after all of that, you poor girl. I'm glad you kept your sense of humor, your pictures are funny.
Have a wonderful time, and please don't let the fear of flying stop you from having fun. xo d

Taylor S. said...

WOW! is all i can say. Poor you. Just remember that in a tough situation, inhale deeply and go to your happy place. Cute picture!
xoxo taylor

King of New York Hacks said...

Repeat what was said above but ....EXHALE.. ;-)

Dominica said...

I was just MAD !

will do !

thanks and thanks for visiting my blog !

Anonymous said...

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