Saturday, 4 July 2009

Kiddo got style !!

Wanna share this with you guys !!
India and I went to do some quick sales-shopping yesterday evening ; she got herself some fierce little Adidas jacket, black and golden stripes. I really like it too !
She put it on as we left the shop and like a real fashionista she didn't like the trousers she was wearing ; it didn't match her jacket. So, off to H&M to find a LBD and look what earrings she wanted with that !
Reminded me of that girl-band Salt 'N Peppa ...(I saw their gig in the late 80-ies...remember that song ...Push it ?)
India left this picture of hers on my desktop ; so, bad luck for her as I share her image with all you guys !
She knows how to pose, no ?
Wonder who's she got that from ????

1 comment:

diane said...

She takes after you, that's for sure. What a cutie!
I love Salt n Peppa, especially Body Beautiful.
I'm off to the in-laws for the day. Have a great day. xo