Sunday, 14 June 2009

We are SO 3008 !

and not 2000- and late !
Wow ! I just LOVE this song of the BEP !! Makes me dance (very strangely and in a roboty kinda way ...)
This is a great comeback and on top Lady GaGa announced she can die a happy woman yesterday because Faith No More has covered Pokerface ! I searched it up and hey, they did a pretty good job !
This week was a very wet week ; I don't remember having this much rain in while. My shop-neighbours came home on Friday from their holiday to Corsica and they said their roof had fallen in ! Talk about some heavy rain !
But, nevertheless we ended the week bathing in the sun and kicked our weekend off with the BBQ (see previous post), some outdoor dinner yesterday evening, with one flaw that another guy was attacked in the street, with us people as witnesses on the terraces whilst eating. I missed  it cause I was Twittering (Am I an addict now ?)** on my hubby's i-phone.
I just looked up because I heard this intense 'boom' (not pow) against a window. Guy down (he was attacked by 3 other guys who ran of immediately ; cowards !) Luckily the guy stood up after a while and the ambu was there to check if he had no severe injuries to the head.
Last week, 2 young guys gave us the same action here, ambu's out, medical urgence team came later and we sadly heared one of them died this week. Don't do drugs guys !
One mother and father are now grieving a young son because of a bad mix of pills and alcohol !

Me on the other hand, I have made some 'click' in my head and I'm drinking very neatly my minimum of 2l of water EVERY day ! 
In the beginning I felt like I had a hydrocephalus head ; but I think after 2 weeks, my body and mind are getting used to it.

**Now about Twitter : I had SO MUCH FUN last Friday (didn't do my paperwork I was supposed to do ...slap on my hand). The Trending Topic was #Beatlesporn !!
I really had to pull myself together sometimes because I'm by myself in the shop and I laughed so hard I was hoping nobody heard me ! Once you get into this, it's like you're in a trance and the sentences and words keep flowing out of your keyboard ! And 'en plus' another topic appeared : #11thcommandment ; OMG, this was even better !! 
The interaction is just great !
I like it when people hit it off and are on the same humour level...
Here's an example :
I wrote :
Thou shall not scratch your crotch 'en publique'...
Gavin_R retweeted to that with :
and then smell your fingers 

This is so hilarious (well, at least I think so)
And our dear Dr Zibbs launched this Tweet (he should start a Trending Topic on this subject) :

pickup line to use on German chicks. i wouldn't mind hossen your leder.

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diane said...

Wow, you've seen a lot of action lately. Not me, I was rained in. The back path of my house looked like an aqueduct.

I hate crime inspired by drugs, ugh. Hence, the guy you saw getting beat up and the robberies in my neighborhood.

I'm eating seafood dip with jalapenos. mmmmmm.