Wednesday, 3 June 2009


Only fakes allowed here !

Since last Saturday, our annual horror as again begun.
Until July 12th (!!) we will be overcrowded by people who are into fairgrounds.
The following 6 weeks, the 'Sinksenfoor' (the fairground thanks it's name to the fact that it falls together with Pentecôte, 49 days after Easter Sunday) ...
Except for the 'smoutebollen' or 'oliebollen' (some sort of beignets but without the fruit inside) fairgrounds do nothing for me...
I did an attraction once and I felt sick for 3 days, with a puke-kick-off (I threw up in the frontgarden of the courthouse that was situated in front of the Bobsleigh...I can't show ever my face again down there)
But the worst part are the people ; I don't know where they find them, but it's like they come out of their tombs as seen in Michael Jackson's video Thriller.
You can recognize them by wearing clothes that are to small and dragging oversized cuddly toys like a Finding Nemo fish on speed ; the popping eyes give away their fakeness !
When they come in pairs, you can spot them right on ; the dresscode is identical and mostly 'camping trailer smokings' as we call them, preferably in fuschia pink and electric blue with a fake 'Kappa' sign or Puta di Madre imprinted on the back.
On top of that, our neighbourhood is very clean but 6 weeks long the White Tornado's (city cleaners) will have to work overtime.
That's something I don't like ; stepping out of my frontdoor, right into an unfinished burger or 
pack of cold fries with mayo ! Ew !!!
For those who like fairgrounds, I posted a little youtube movie I found ; enjoy and sorry about the song....I think Elvis would turn around in his grave ...!


diane said...

Poor, poor Domi. I feel so bad for you, and I can relate. We used to live in a town that had a lot of tourists, and I remember well the feeling of resentment I had towards them. One day a tourist knocked on my front door and asked me for a glass of water, even though there was a restaurant 50 feet away. I really hated them.
Your video makes it all look like so much fun, you would never know the unhappiness it's causing you. I hope you make it through this next month o.k. Sending warm thoughts and hugs your way. xo d

Mr. Condescending said...

beignets are soo good, no carnivals sell them here.

I was wondering if there were those carnivals outside the U.S. Sounds like they are just as low class there as they are here.

Dominica said...

@Mr C.
Well, I didn't want to be 'hautain' about this, but it's true and everyone who lives here feels the same.
I on't care who comes to this fairground, but why always the loud noise and crappy behaviour.