Tuesday, 2 June 2009

Lady Linn and Mike Flowers Pop

I wanna share this little video here below with you all, cause I really REALLY like the music Lady Linn is making...Sometimes, she does covers but in an 'easy listening' way and I really love that style...Remember the Mike Flowers Pop's a couple of years ago ?
They did an 'easy listening' cover on Oasis' Wonderwall..I saw them in Ghent back then, live and they were fabulous. The 3 background singers were all dressed up in 60-ies style, just like Mike Flowers himself...
The video of Lady Linn and her Magnificient 7 was shot at Fnac, a megastore filled with music, books, anything with a wire and they have a great loungecorner with some tasty muffins to eat with your hot coco....
So, I discovered the easy listening style in the late nineties, when Studio Brussels made the style hot and had a Sunday evening programme listed every week.
I rediscovered the style through Lady Linn on my daily daytime radio Cruz FM.
The have great loungy music, perfect for a store...(It was a bit odd when people came in with newborn babies and The Queens of the Stone Age were just on so I had to search for something more neutral)...
So take a moment and enjoy Lady Linn's angelic voice and I think she's cute too...she's for us what Lily Allen is for the UK.
Do click on the title too for some laughs with the Mike Flowers Pop video ..
(If Joanna Lumley lost her Purdey wig, here's the person who might have borrowed it...)


diane said...

Both videos were cool. Those shiny dresses, very 60's. And he really nailed the "Andy Williams" style, haha.
I love the song "I Don't Wanna Dance", she was smart to pick that one. I love the way Eddie Grant sings it too.

Dominica said...

it's a great cover and she has done a Rolling Stone one too ... She so cold !! Awesome !!