Saturday, 6 June 2009

I'm a Placebo fan ...

3 years ago, I  entered a contest one morning via messenger.
You could win tickets for a free but secret concert in Brussels at the Ancienne Belgique.
As I never win anything (except a wonderful view from my window) I forgot all about it at work.
When I still did my office job, after 5pm, I was the only one left in the building.
Suddenly my cellphone rang and a lady voice asked for my name.
She announced I just had won 2 tickets for that concert, that night, starting at 8,30pm and as I didn't know yet when entering the competition, at a secret location. Brussels was the destination. 
I must have screamed so loud, she laughed really hard and my work-mate Babs (that just came back in the office cause she forgot her cellphone) almost got a heart attack !! But, she was really happy for me.
Now, hubby at that time, was just back and still recovering from a Tokyo, Japan-jetlag !
He was in a meeting when I called him to display my happiness of joy on the phone...His fellow partners must have heard me chearing and screaming so loud, they asked him everything was ok (now, can you imagine his straight face in a meeting and answering his phone and then hearing this hysterical hyperkinetic woman on the other end ? He only heard, Placebo, tickets, Brussels, we need a babysitter !!
I'm not going to bother you with our organising talents but we came just in time into the Ancienne Belgique, when Brian Molko hit the strings of his guitar !!
I just adore him and the fact he speaks French fluently makes him androgeniously sexy.
My alltime fav Placebo song must be 'Special Needs' and this is the song they must play when I'm dead and lying in my coffin. I have a special relationship with this song ; it kinda helped me (and other Placebo songs too) through a very rough period in my life when I had to be hospitalized. The songs still comfort me and I can relate to Brian Molko, cause he was not doing good himself  at that point in his life.
I hope you will enjoy these 2 songs and maybe, you'll become a Placebo fan too (listen very well to the lyrics of Special Needs...this is me)


diane said...

I really like this band, the lead singer sounds so much like Gordon Gado (Violent Femmes).

Dominica said...

have to search that one up ! Thanks for the tip Diane.

Girl Interrupted said...

Oooh! I'm a big Placebo fan! Pure Morning or Nancy Boy are my favourite tracks.

Dominica said...

@Pure Morning and the videoclip they made with it is awesome ! Protege -moi is also a beautiful song...
I already downloaded For what it's worth via i-tunes...:-)