Monday, 8 June 2009

Filling those bags up

Tomorrow Sebastian will celebrate his birthday in school !
The goodie-bags are filled (as you can see) and mum couldn't resist trying out those Dracula dentures ;-))


diane said...

You're a good mom, Dominica. These are cute photos, too.
I really like the way your hair looks, and are you sans maquillage?

Dominica said...

well, just a basic foundation, Helena Rubinstein - sensual clone nr 23 biscuit, some darkgrey Helena Rubinstein mascara (the one Demi Moore poses for)
The hair is natural like this ; slightly wavy ..

Alessandra said...

I want one! Hahaha

Those bags are the best, aren't? Every time I go to kids parties, I peak inside to see what's the goodies.

Vic said...

You're beautiful even with Dracula teeth!

Happy Birthday, Sebastian!

Dominica said...

Give me an address - I'll post you one !!
send it to :

Thank you Vic ! You're ever so sweet !