Sunday, 3 May 2009

You know I love watching people ....

Female version of the man on the terrace last night !

Taxicabs : always fun garantueed !

Went out to dinner last night and sometimes I feel bad not being able to have James Bond gadgets...What is she on about (I hear you thinking) ...?
Well, a camera, as small as it could be - it's still a camera and the damn thing 'flashes' when you don't want it to. So, I should go and have a search for something more in the range of a pen.
A pen you could hold up and just click on top, and voilà, you're picture would be taken.
But I'm no James Bond, so I'm going to give it a shot ... in writing.
The place where we eat, is mostly downstairs our building, next corner. By now (we've been living here for nearly 3 years) we've come to know loads of people, just by saying hello or even having to share a piece of their lives.
But tonight I saw a man sitting on the terrace and the first thing that came to my mind was :
Susan Boyle's brother is sitting here !!
This is a moment that I wish I could make a picture and share it with you guys...cause, a picture tells so much more than a thousand words.

Inside I see our table and I'm glad it's just in the middle so I can check everyone out. 
Our food is being served and during our meal 3 men come in and take a rest at the bar.
Now, one of them we know (he works at a beautiful store in Antwerp, you will know wich store I mean ...but I'm trying to be a bit discreet here ...) He's the Mr Humpries (Are you being served) kind of type but taller, straighter and much more of  'attache moi il y a du vent' (nose in the air) and bald (read : hair shaven)..It's the first time I'm actually seeing this guy in a jean and not in a suit .... it suddenly makes him more human.
Now, he looked human indeed compared to his 2 compagnions. I can only add these words to let you in on what I was seeing (damn' .. I have to search for that James Bond prop...) :

Little & Large
black & white
Snowhite & and a large dwarf
Steve Buscemi (Rockhound) & Michael Clarke Duncan (Bear) from the Armageddon movie 
.. ..and I could go on forever and ever...
naughty as I am (but hubby too I must add) my fantasy began to work. How would they look together in a sex-scene ?
Wo would be on top, who would be ...well, I hear you thinking, doesn't she have anything better to do ? 
I must confess, I have nothing better to do...I guess this is just one of my hobbies.
To imagine stories and conversations between complete strangers.
And don't you just see these fabulous people around you to do so ?
I sure do ...
After dinner we went down to have a little drink at a loungebar called Bar Dak.
It's a nice walk and it was still nice and warm outside ...
We had a couple of drinks, nothing special but when we decided to go home, we asked the waiter if he could order us a cab.
It would take about 10 minutes but we were in no hurry.
The door of the loungebar opened and a man comes in announcing to the waiter he's the cabdriver.
We get a sign and stand up to get into the direction of the door and the cab outside.
Now, in a normal situation, the driver opens up the backdoor and let his clients get in the taxi.
Nah, in our life, the driver opens the backdoor, takes a seat HIMSELF in the cab and then mumbles something like : Uh ?! Where's my steering wheel ? Oh, I'm in the wrong seat !!
Now can you imagine the look on our faces ? And this wasn't a joke ! He was bloody serious !
I still can't believe we got into this cab (remember the taxi from that movie 'The Bone Collector"...) but we did !
Now, I don't know why but instead of having a panic attack, hubby and me got in the back of the car and suddenly we started to shake and laugh but with both hands before our mouths.
Hubby and I sat the entire drive (like ten minutes) in our own corner of the backseat, face towards the window, trying not to LOL ; you never know this driver is a complete nut-case.
I once tried to turn to the other side but when I saw my hubby shaking and tears rollin' down his face and a choked laughter trying hard to make not a single noise...I quickly turned back to my side and almost wet my pants !!
This must have been the longest taxidrive in my life !
But boy, did we laugh and had fun !!
Don't ask me how hubby paid the cab but as soon as the driver stopped ; I ran towards my door and got down kneeling just to keep sure that I wouldn't wet myself ...
Hubby followed me down in the hall and we stood there laughing at least for another 5 long minutes. My tubby hurted so much in the end ...and then you get this strange case of insomnia.
When lying in bed, every five minutes - you just start laughing again...until the point it get's annoying.

So, that was my silly story for the weekend ..any of you guys came across some STRANGE people ??
Have a happy Sunday..I'm off to eat some breakfast ...and who knows, bring home another story ...


Jack Daniel said...

Now that´s odd. But I´m guessing the cabdriver was very confused when letting you people in the cab. Hahah.

Thanks for the comment on my blog, yeah the queen´s day incident was indeed awful! The royal family is quite down to earth, but now I´m afraid they won´t go into public as much as the past decade. It´s getting more dangerous now in the world.

Girl Interrupted said...

Hahaha!! How bizarre!! You crack me up! :P

diane said...

You remind me of a girl I went to school with, she would wet herself if she laughed too hard. That sure was one strange cab ride, I can't believe you actually got in with Mr. Wacko at the wheel.
Hey, how about some stick figure drawings next time you don't have a camera handy?