Monday, 11 May 2009

Watching sheep horror

Finally India and me took the time to watch this dvd we had lying around for several weeks now !
Because we didn't know what to expect and how bad (in every kind of way) this movie would be, we waited until Sebastian was asleep and we watched the movie, popcorn on our lap (we still have about 4 boxes (times 3 packs per box) of microwave popcorn left ; so a lot of movies will have to pass the 'revue' to finish those off) ...
We weren't dissapointed ; some grosssss typical Z-movie horror ; intestines and blood flying around aswe(eeeeeeeeel, sorry, bad joke) as sheep !
This would be a great movie to have at a teenager Halloween party ; bloody drinks and a bad movie to scream and laugh about...
I'll bet it will be the talk of the day in school this morning ; and for me, mmmm I'm having a dreamdate with my fav hairdresser Lindsay ..... some good ol' relaxing to look forward too...
Have a great Monday !


Jack Daniel said...

I don´t like horror movies. Especially the new ones, they make me not gonna eat for hours because it´s actually more gross than scary. Haha.

Oh about Egbert-Jan Weeber. He also does tv-work: now you can check him out in ´Verborgen Gebreken´. But his biggest succes is from the movie: Van God Los. (And also Oesters van Nam Kee with Katja Schuurman)

faizz said...

huh i have't much time to watching movie in several times. hate it.

anyway long time to no see u, hehehehehehehe

finnaly, i dont like horror movie, can't sleep after watching.

Dominica said...


I know that series ; this beautiful blond girl, what's her name ... is playing in that one too - she used to date that other blonde guy ... they used to play together in Westenwind, no ?

Nice to see you again !! hope you're doin' well !

diane said...

What a great funny/spooky/gross movie to watch with your daughter, Yea for you! Sounds like the perfect ending to Mother's Day.