Thursday, 2 April 2009

Who said mums couldn't be stylish ?

This is a fine example of what TO wear when becoming a mum. She sure enjoys dressing up her baby-twins but does take an effort to dress herself stylish and colourful too...
Too many times I see women changing from stylish girls into a frumpy woman once they become mothers...Why is this ?
Ok, you're body and mind needs to adapt itself to a new situation ; physically and mentally you need about a year to get in shape again...
But hey, look at her...she only had her twins 2 months (!!) ago, no excuses !!
Her tip for all mums (to be) : Veggies and vegans can look healthy and hip too !

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diane said...

How about a mention of the cool "tripping" tree. I was, like, "yeah, nice pink jacket, cute kids, yada yada yada", then "OMG! Look at that effing cool tree!". I would want to sit under that tree everyday, but not too close to the trunk, because I bet the neighborhood dogs love that tree too. xo