Sunday, 1 March 2009

Spring cleaning and music to go with it !

Just like to share some of our talents in our low lands, Belgium and Holland...most of you will not understand any of the lyrics ...but, there's always a message in them and I believe people can relate to a song, just listening to it (I always put some ol' music on when cleaning my appartment)


Jack Daniel said...

zooo, die Armand is echt wel een freaky persoon, vind je ook niet?

I'm not a fan of dutch music. :P

Jack Daniel said...

Maar Armand is wel cool...en lache. hahaha.

diane said...

I really enjoyed both of those! Armand reminded me a lot of Bob Dylan, who I adore. And I thought Jimmy was very upbeat. Thanks so much for sharing. Good luck with your cleaning. I'll be doing some of that as well, we're getting a little snow here. xo