Friday, 6 March 2009

Rush rush

Wasn't she lovely back then ?

I used to have this Vogue myself ; Renée was my favourite model and not only because of her looks ; she dated a Duran Duran popstar at that time !

Already as a teenager besotted and overwhelmed by this magical black Chanel bow !
Look at those buttons...(CC's intwined)

Had to rush to be in time to open the shop. The kids have no school today and I was impatiently waiting for the nanny to come...she came 15 minutes late, so mum had to run  downstairs - with the stairs..our freakin' spooky elevator has broken down again...(4th time this week) get to Delhaize for her sandwich and uh oh...a new Vogue cover that I saw in the corner of my eye on the bookstand.
Vogue AND a Chanel cover ...can't resist that, would you ?
When I took a look at their website too, I saw this 'click' to re-discover their old covers till 1970 !
Got a bit curious and clicked on a few ... I remember those when I was a teenager, 14 or 15 years old...
On one of them is even a very young Sharon Stone, model for that month somewhere in July 1986 or 87...


diane said...

Sounds like a hectic morning.
I love looking at those old covers, too. Harper's Bazaar is my favorite.

HEK said...

I love old magazines, priceless.