Friday, 13 March 2009

How to 'work' on an addiction....(at least, it works for me)

I've been addicted to scarfs for years. But what makes an addicition a real addiction. ...? Having so much of just 1 item, at any price, that it isn't just an addiction anymore but a room-filling kitsch habit ?
I just read last night in my bed, that Ruby Wax once interviewed Imelda Marcos and was shown the 10.000 pairs she was the most famous about. Ruby - in her own candid way - said that it wasn't too difficult in filling a room with 10.000 pairs of shoes when most of them only cost like 20$ !!
Ok, that did it for me...Ruby is SO right !
And even as I speak, unconsiously - I've managed to calm down and have control over my habit in buying 2 or 3 scarfs a having this wonderful and so longed for scarf, expensive enough to wear and cherish it for longer than a week.
My LV-sprouse scarf is screaming : Buy less - buy the best !
In this months Harper's Bazaar, by leopard scarf is presented as an accessory that transforms an outfit by the second ...
So,  I did think very well about this number and apparently bought a timeless piece.
Bye bye addiction, and a warm welcome to investment clothes and accessories !


Jack Daniel said...

2, 3 scarfs a week???

That's a lot. It's like when you buy wanna have that same thing in different colors and types. Haha. That's insane! (But I understand your addiction. Everyone has their own addiction. :))

Dominica said...


At least I don't smoke or drink ...:-//

XAVS said...

Oh my god! Those are loads of scarfs...well,you could always move to russia, then won't be an addiction, would be an investment, right?

Eda said...

Great "rehab" strategy!:) I'm a compulsive shopper, but I don't pick favorites.One week I want a scarf, the other shoes...and so on.But you are wright. We should invest in good quality pieces rather than buying tons of stuff we don't really need.

diane said...

Stage 2 of quality shopping: going through your excess, and making donations out of 40% of it. It's a cleansing process for your closet and soul, and your local shelter will love you for it.