Sunday, 15 February 2009

Finally found 'em !

Last Friday, I finally found the pvc-leggings in my size I was looking for since December...
Wasn't really on a queeste for them anymore and isn't that just typical...when you look for something else for someone find that particular item you were searching for months ago...


faizz said...

so dark pict, can't see whta kids it is.

but i love this blog

i waiting for ure visit in my blog

diane said...

Dominica, you are looking well. I'm glad you finally found those pvc leggings. You were smart to pair them up with soft, longer fabrics; it takes the hard edge off. xo d

designerman said...

chic! and i love the mix of textures - the satin of the jacket - shiny & matt!

thanks for the comment on 'the stylist' sketch - i was really happy with it too.! x r

Dominica said...

@ Diane and Designerman
thank you ! Yes, the combo looks great with the softer details...was a good choice of me I guess ;-)
The use of a longer tunique/blouse or dress I got from a style tip from Ann Demeulemeester...she said in an interview on 'how to wear pvc/leather leggings' that you should cover up your backside ...;-))
So, I did !

@ faizz
will take a look pretty soon !

Miss Maybel said...

Wow those look HOT. I love seeing the way you out clothes together.

PrincessImp. said...

D I love the way you wore your leggings, it's classy and all-black is always a winner in my book!
More outfit posts please? :)