Friday, 13 February 2009

Dikke Truiendag (Hot Sweaters' Day)

Every year in February, the majority of schools here in Flanders, have a HSD...
Every school turns their heat down for a day and asks all the pupils the wear an extra sweater when coming to school.
Isn't this just a great initiative to let the kids feel and think about their planet and their future ?
I think so .. 


HEK said...

That's a nice initiativ. An the ad is very cool.

Jack Daniel said...

Yes, it is a good idea. Just tell those kids they feel the same like homeless people at night and then imagine it to be 10x worse!!

They also should think about their choice of sweater.

The more stylish, the more candy they'll get. :P

diane said...

We don't need a holiday like that here in the States. The government just raises the price of oil, the people turn their heat down, everybody's freezing all winter, et voila! Yep, we're just that lucky.

Anonymous said...

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