Saturday, 28 February 2009

Debbie & Sprouse

She's an icon to me !

I've never been a big Louis Vuitton fan (too many fakes going around and it's getting hard to tell wich ones are real and those who are not) but the wild animal print scarf with the Stephen Sprouse spray on it...I must say, I've never been like this but this number has been going through my mind forever these past weeks..I guess the people from the LV-shop in Antwerp must have been wondering why each morning, a greasy nose print was on their windows...:-O
Asked the price 3 times, rang to call if it was a 'keeper' (it is, in fact the brown one is...the other colours were season related), tried it on and asked my BHF Hilary what she thought and she loved it...
Now, the only thing that held me back was the price tag and the fact that I was even considering another scarf...(cold turkey, as I'm trying to cut down on buying's getting ridiculous)
But in Paris - everything looks nicer - bigger - better and when a husband just pushes you over the limit (come on, it looks so chique...) hell yeah, I went for it and it didn't leave my neck since last Tuesday !
Silly woman, you all must think..ok, fair enough...but when I hear the shallowness of some women - and the way they are thinking about real issues (that prostitutes are disgusting, a killer should have no trial and be sent to prison for life, I'm a fan of Sarkozy...(is he in politics ?) and some other things that were too bad to write down...) I know I deserve some bit of shallowness too...let it be a scarf....:-)

PS heard those comments somewhere in Antwerp, getting a manicure and it was near one of the oldest bakeries in town, where there's always a queue to get in (for the insiders, they will KNOW where it's at - so, if you wanna get your nails done, don't go there !! It will make you even more nervous and getting a manicure, should be a relaxing thing, right ?)


diane said...

Great post, Dominica! Debbie Harry, I've loved her for so long!
I'm so happy you bought the scarf, now I don't fee guilty at all about my 12.99 shoes.
I keep seeing a "deer" dress around; Facehunter, Hipstermusings. Have you seen it yet?

JFK Jean said...

You've officially touched my nerve b/c I love me some Debby Harry!