Sunday, 18 January 2009

Have you been tagged yet ?

Well, I've just been tagged by the lovely Rebecca

Ten Things I Love:

1. white shirts, good for any occasion
2. my less stressed mornings since one year...
3. nice smelling scents, oils, perfumes...
4. open(minded) people
5. Friday nights
6. having a coffee somewhere in town and being presented a really GOOD coffee with the extra's like a cookie ànd a chocolate
7. ice tea green
8. caprice praline from Neuhauss
9. scarfs (I'm addicted to them and when I feel down I always buy one to feel good again)
10. the innocense of my youngest son

Ten Things I Loathe:

1. Bad smelling people and they ALWAYS stand so close to you...why's that ?
2. meanstream people who follow the rest of the flock and then think they've invented hot water ...
3. too many questions when you only want people to be happy for you ...
4. being sick
5. people that go through the same rituals every single day...(5pm diner, 6pm watching the news, 7pm put on the telly for their soap that has been running for the last 27 years and avoid to go out because they don't want to miss it !!)
6. stupid people who think they are really smart
7. people that steal (I've had to work for it myself a**holes)
8. not having a hankie on me (and then you enter this beautiful Chanelstore and feel you're nose dripping)
9. politics in my country
10. Yves Leterme ; he was our prime minister for a few months and this man was chosen by a majority of mainstream grey people. Turned out that after a few months he was (and still is) a very incompetent guy. I hate to say it but sometimes I'm ashamed to say I'm Belgian (luckily I can speak French without the Belgian accent so people think sometimes I'm from Switserland or Luxembourg...)

5 random facts about me:
1. I speak French, German and English (I've been on Spanish lessons in the past..maybe I'll just pick those up when the kids are older..I do understand it though as Spanish and French are similar)
2. My real name is Dominica but few people know this ; people have always known me as Dominique
3. I think I buy at least a magazine a day...but I do recycle them and lend them out to people I know
4. I was a big Princess Diana fan since I was 11 - I think you can ask me any question about her and I'll know the answer right away
5. I'd like to be taller (I'm only 5'4" and have shoesize 39)

Voilà, and now I'm tagging 


Rita said...

Hehe, I can relate to this post. I love it when coffee houses not only give you coffee but also something small to go with it... But you rarely see that here in the US, unless you order it.

And I still have to meet one person who is satisfied with the state of politics in his country. Things always seem better elsewhere, I think.

I am 5'4'', too, by the way! And believe me, if I had a magic lamp, my first wish would be to grow at least three more inches :D

diane said...

Wow, I need more time to take this in. I'll post mine by the end of the day, thanks so much for the tag.
My mother was 5'4", and so is my youngest daughter; it's a lovely height.
I was devastated when Princess Diana died; I really loved her, like everyone else.

Dominica said...

@ Diane

all icons die young, don't they ?

Alessandra said...

Love this tag thing. One of my friends from Brazil did it to me, but I haven't posted yet, because I would have to do it both in portuguese and I am a bit lazy right now...hahaha

twentysomethinggirl said...

Princess Diana and Charles married on my birthday!! So I understand, I used to love her... :)
I also love getting the great coffee unexpectedly, I love when it comes with that little extra something that is a personal touch from the cafe. Sometimes they just know what you've been craving the whole day!
I have a very important question, could you tell me where there are some great second hand shops for fashion in Antwerp? I'm heading there in 3 weeks :)

Super excited.

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