Wednesday, 3 December 2008

Most favourite fragrance

I've always had a weak spot for perfumed goods...I hate people that don't smell nice (sorry but I just do)...I think it's a real turn-off when people carry a bad 'odeur'...
Well, weak spot is an understatement - in my case might say I'm obsessed with it.
When some people experience their other senses as foreplay, in my eyes (or must I say nose) 'smell' is number 1.
In the past - when a perfume purchase was on my list (and this is something I need to buy myself, I think it's not so polite to give perfume or soap as a present...) I've always tried to go for that something special, that fragrance that just is not commercialized yet or has a mainstream feel to it.
My alltime favourite was en still is Calandre by Paco Rabanne.
Remember the metal hardware dresses of the 60-ies ? Paco Rabanne was the man behind these wonderful pieces.
I must have been like 16 when I bought my first Calandre bottle. In those days - the flask was a bit more common, nothing special but the divine interior made really up for it.

Today the bottle has a more chique look and is still as good as it was the first time I've ever opened one.
What is your alltime favourite 'smell' ? I does not have to be perfume...candles, lotions, bathsalts whatever tickles your nose...I'd like to know ....


Alessandra said...

I agree with you about the smell or lack of a good smell. I confess that I get very disappointed when I meet a guy and he doesn't wear perfume.

My perfume crush is Poison by Christian Dior. Its been 12 years since I fell in love with it and I still have a bottle, but I wear it only when its cold and at night, because its very sweet.

My current favorite perfumes are Dior Addicted 2, Carolina Herrera 212, Armani Code and Peony by Stella McCartney.

marie said...

yes,fragrance is something very important! sometimes people just exceed the border with annoying smells like coconut or those cheap over-sweet fruity smells.
and i am always surprised how different perfumes smell on different skins. it really depends...
i use femme by d&g and my sin by lanvin.

whoissecretdubai said...


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Dominica said...


eeeuhm, no ?

evi said...

i avoid perfume as much as i can (i try to keep my personal scent as fresh as possible ) mostly because i don t know how much to spray on myself..i am sure it depends on the perfume... and how close one can get to you while wearing it. i find my self very close to fainting when i am sitting next to people with perfume or after shave in the bus.
when i feel it s ok to put on fragrance i go for London by burberry or daisy by marc jacobs for a more summery feeling..