Saturday, 18 October 2008

Oct 18th, Design du jour

As promised, I would go and visit Anne Zellien's shop today to watch the designs...
She had laid out the 38 little diamonds to let me see what kind of shape the ring eventually will have and let me try a similar model but with a blue gem.
The pink gem my ring will have is called a 'morganite'...
Now I now again and I hope I won't forget because the moment you start wearing her designs, people always get excited when they see the jewel you are wearing...
Have some pictures to show what kind of ring it will become in the end...Imagine it with the bright pink gem (the pink shows in one picture on the left in a box)
On my way to her shop, we walked by a new interior design shop called a.puur.a (translated as "A dot pure dot A")
In the window display we saw a tray with a deer head on it !
My shop is called 'oh deer' so you can imagine the scream it provoked...:-)

note : if the pics seem a bit blurry it's because I took them with my cellphone, sorry !!

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Vanna said...

Wow, the ring is absolutely stunning. Let us know when you decide on the perfect one!